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Market News

Trading Signals at your finger tips

Trade Signals covers several trading markets and provides easy to follow Forex signals as well as trading signals for oil, gold and major indices.

Through our simple to follow subscription service, you will receive a trading signal via email, and our live MT4 trading account, all of which combine to make our trading signals transparent and easy to follow wherever you are.

By following our trading signals, you remove the anxiety of screen watching and feeling you have to be in the market. Our experienced team knows where to look to get the right information. You receive a disciplined and consistent trading signal approach that is free of any long winded explanation of technical trading signals, algorithmic trading references or the promise of a 100% winning black box systems. Want to know more about it? Please check How it works section and FAQ section. Want to be smarter? See our Free Trading Tips.

Transparency, ease of use and ultimately profitability combined with low volatility trading are our goals.

Trading Markets Covered

  • Forex/FX Markets
  • Oil Market
  • Gold Market
  • Major Indices

What Are The Benefits?

  • Simple to follow
  • Trading Signals sent via email.
  • Support 24/5
  • Full risk management of open trades via Email